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Voice-acting sure is fun.

And pretty useful when it comes to creating a nice little skit, like this flash movie here proved it. It doesn't always have to be necessarely about action, even speech is enough.

Have a 10 out of 10 scroing, mentlegen.

Ending made me speechless

Kinda funny thought: a random battle out of nowhere just to get hired as a bodyguard? Sheesh.......but it is humor after all, right?

And again, you outdid yourself: even this animation went into the extremes, showing no mercy. Excelllent job!

"Oh God...!"

I can't descripe this piece of awesomeness except with laughing to it and bowing down to your skills on making these short "Awesome" movies.

I really liked the way you put the ninja have it's mercyless, maniac look at the last seconds after killing the "Strategy man"

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Now this game really is addicting: Not only is it simple, but it also has style, nice and artistic visual looks and even something funny it (and something gruesome for the fans of gore or seeing someone getting impaled into spikes). Despite it is perfect already, I still would wish that there would be the some sort of status indicator to see how many goombas, bombs, bananas and other said things you've hit into as well.

Eitherways - great job at creating this fine piece of game!

Rarely I thought card games to be good

This proves that there are card games wich are rather fun than difficult, boring and complicated. No wonder why I give this flash game rating of 10/10

Just amazing

Good story/plot, a nice puzzlish action game, animations and the moves. Even RPG like fightning sequence.

Played this for a few times and got trought them. A really great indeed, so I will give both 5 and 10/10.

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Strange one

I'd say that this song would belong to the "Miscellaneous" genre.

And I have to say that the song is greatly odd. It has sometimes it's nice, melodic moments that gives the mood that I like it, then it goes into something I dislike, so it does have a slight confusing method in it. Hence, I give to this one 5 out of 10. (I still do keep in mind that this is your old songs)

GameBalance responds:

and i keep in mind ur music taste is a kid yet

Repeats itself

It is a nice trance song, yes. But somehow it manages to repeat itself even too much, as you might have noticed.

But then in other hands, I have that problem as well: I repeat things in songs too much, so don't worry much at all. Try bit improving on long songs, where the danger of repeating is always possible.


To be honest, I do suck in DNB genres and you showed your skills on it. I am impressed.

Yet, I'm bit sorry to give you only score of 8: personal taste on this song wasn't quite high...but still better than what I could make.

S3C responds:

no need to be sorry mate :P i dont really like this one anymore, my DnBs "gamma ray fission" and "sky zone" are better than this if you're interested. Thanks for the review!

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If this is your first...

...then I certainly am amazed by how detailed you made it! Especially the reflection of the light that comes out from the flames: adds more extra and realisticness to it.


Colors, details, shadeing and the light effect....hohhoooo, you sir have done one helluva good pic of Bahamut himself! Certainly worth full 10 points.

Like a dream

The whole idea brought up into a paper gives it a dream-like effect and hence I like it. Sorry if I only give you 9 out 10, but the reson is because of the unnecessary empty space around the picture: if you'd cut it shorter, then the picture itself would fill the whole thing.

But don't get me wrong: this one I will fav for sure.

NicKoLa93 responds:

thank you , but i prefer it whit a lot of empty space :)

Your random flash movie viewer and audio listener. I also make music, so be sure to seek them listen them and comment on them too. "You know what they say: All toasters, toasts your face!" (<<<< One YouTube Poop replies)




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