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Posted by ECTheSlaughter - January 3rd, 2009

Well, the time surely has passed by (and these kinds of posts are somewhat useless, it seems: I left the previous post to hang for almost 2 years now).

But yeah, the last year has ended quite a long time ago now and...well, it looks like the same for now. Expect not much of actions for my music at all: they come as they come.

Posted by ECTheSlaughter - August 17th, 2007

So, here's the challenge:

I am going to a new school, wich helps me to upgrade my numbers. This school, though, is locating more than 100 kilometers away from my home, wich will be kinda rough. But there are rooms where students can be after the studying for the day.

This does mean that I am going to be more off from computer, so these are kinda "Farewells for now" message. But hey, don't cry at all: weekends I can stay in there (if they give me permission) or go visit my relatives or come back at home. And if possible, I will update my journal and tell as much as I can remember and want to tell from my days in there. So there's nothing to be afraid of. I will come back at vacations as well, so no worry at all.

Yet the school begins on Monday, I am leaving by tomorrow into my grandparents. I stay there for few days and then they give me a ride to the school and a new day in my life begins back in the everyday life.

So, I am going to say now, even though I have still time to be here at home, that farewell my friends and see you again in updates and vacations.

Posted by ECTheSlaughter - August 5th, 2007

Well, yeah...just trieing to ask from you about your favourite martial artist seen in movies or TV shows.

Mine definantly is Jackie Chan: he is original. He never uses much of wires like in the oldest chinese kung-fu movies, where everyone is literally flying. He is also making his own stunts and of course, at the credits of every movie where he is presented, there is always those cut-outs of mishaps happend during the filming. Also, his a good actor overall.

Now, you're turn.

Fav martial artist seen in movie/TV show?